You see but You do not observe




∞ Scenes of Sherlock

You see how this works: that camera phone is her “Get out of jail” free card. You have to leave her alone.

I love how they’re both so proud of their little comments.

“This is a very strange scene to shoot. On the page it didn’t seem quite as sick as it did when we began shooting. It left us all with a very funny feeling in our stomachs. I think Benedict plays the predator brilliantly. And very against his natural character. He’s a very, very gentlemanly gentleman. Benedict was quite, kind of disturbed by the role he was playing and so we talked a lot about it and Juno was very supportive of him. In a way, it was more difficult for him to play the abuser than for Juno to play the abused. “

Dir. Joe Wright, Atonement commentary



Cutiebatch VS Sexybatch

(taken from: Hawking, 12 Years a Slave, Sherlock, Fortysomething, Star Trek Into Darkness, Nathan Barley, Little Favour, Stuart a life backwards, Parade’s End)

I love it. He’s such a chameleon!


BBC Sherlock AU - The Other One
Sherlock has a twin brother who turns out to be a criminal mastermind.
One solves crimes, the other one creates chaos. Ghastly, isn't it?


Just give me what I want.
BBC Sherlock AU - II [The Other One] [X]
↳"I won't be locked away, rotting in a cell 
while you two have your way with the world 
as you always wanted."

Sherlock's twin brother (a.k.a. the other one) gets caught by the government. After very long inquisitions and private interviews, his brothers decide to keep him under supervision in a governmental institution.

He wakes up nearly 300 years later... 

I NEED a fanfiction, please!


The hair, the jumpers… they are just so cute here! 

From Sherlock Uncovered: The Return (season 3 extra). Script read through 2010.

I thought you didn’t care about-Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it.

I thought you didn’t care about-
Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it.

(Source: sir-mycroft)